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Mardin International Children and Youth Theater Festival

The Mardin Children and Youth Theater Festival is organized by the Dramatic Arts Education and Research Association (DRASED). Every year in the first week of November, it is realized in cooperation with various institutions and organizations. 

Our Festival is the first and only Children and Youth Theater Festival in Southeast Anatolia Region. Festival; It has started in 2009 and has been realized in many places of the city (Mardin Province, Kızıltepe, Nusaybin, Midyat, Ömerli, Savur, Districts and Dara Village)

Festival, from the beginning to this day, in the last 7 years; 88,760 children and young people were reached. So far, 58 different groups, 20 different countries, 187 different performances, 33 workshops, panels and interviews, total 298 events took place.

The festival takes place almost everywhere.In addition to indoor stage shows; In order to reach more people, street performances take place intensively (in scenes, halls, schools, squares, streets, museums, in prison, in hospital, in Kıraathanelerde, etc).

Living in Mardin;children and young people,It aims to bring together the transforming, developing and unifying power of ın Theater Art bir in the framework of universal without making any distinction between language, religion or race.(Turkish, Kurdish, Syriac, Arab, refugee, disabled, unhindered, in need of protection, living in Mardin, street child, living in hospital or in prison etc.).

The festival is free of charge for children and young people, despite all economic difficulties.

The most important pillar and indispensable of the festival; is the realization of workshops before the festival.These workshops together with young people living in Mardin; aims to produce a product and to strengthen the infrastructure of the theater, which will include historical and cultural textures in the region, feed from legends and stories.

Every year; For our young people, with its identity and personality, an exemplary one Theater doyen/doyenne was honored as a guest of honor and awarded an honorary award.

At the festival, children and young people living in Mardin; Special attention is paid to meet with qualified professional theater groups both nationally and internationally.But besides; at least one amateur group is invited to set an example for the groups living in the region.

Festival also; Not only for children and young people, but also for the parents and for every age group to watch and enjoy the games are exhibited.

In the past, in the Kıraathaneler, where stories are described with pleasure; Karagöz Hacivat shadow play is exhibited every year. These demonstrations take place as much as possible in the historic houses.

Especially Hacivat Karagöz performs in traditioanl coffee places in every festival. We purposely try to make this festival as a festival which grows every year and become integrated with historical and cultural tissue.

As a festival; “Universal Children and Youth Theater” by bringing together examples, mutual; to prepare artistic, scientific, aesthetic and cultural shopping ground; we are trying to lay the foundations of making Mardin the center of the world’s children and youth theaters by offering the opportunity to recognize the examples of different children’s and youth theater, and by integrating these examples into the contemporary culture pot of Mardin.

Being a social entity, we are for people; In these lands where the settled cultures live in an intense and exemplary way; healthy communication,understand, tell and be understood in process, by identifying common points,Turkey and the people of the world, unity and brotherhood, universal peace and contribute to world peace and to transmit to future generations, for us, is of utmost importance.

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